Ms. Elena

In the first time in the history of Indian customs, British Airways and Furry Flyers, they helped me transport my 7rescued strays to London. With so much documentation, Furry Flyers ensured everything would run smoothly. Repeated crate checks were done as the kittens grew and as always superb work from Furry Flyers. This is the third time I have used Furry Flyers and that is because they are exceptional at what they do and strongly recommend
them to everyone.
My apologies for the delay. I also wrote this on your Facebook page along with a million star recommendation
Client Name:Ms. Elena
Sector:BOM - London

Shweta Mishra

It was a totally new and overwhelming experience for us to bring Lucy to Canada.
We landed here last week. Lucy was very happy to see us and I can only assume that she had a stress free journey as she was her normal self the moment we came home. Though she was a bit tired she was excited to meet us all back at the airport.
This was a very important travel for us and I am thankful for Furry Flyers for guiding us through the most important step.
I just cannot stress this more that Furry Flyers team made it easy to go through all the paperwork… Rajesh was especially very helpful at the quarantine office.
One thing that I noted and felt special was that, we hired a visa agency for our Immigration visa and didn’t here from them once there dues were cleared, however at the quarantine office Rajesh requested me to atleast drop a one liner mail of Lucy’s safe journey once we landed. This personalised touch separates you guys from the other agents, never lose this quality. I am really glad that I chose Furry Flyers for Lucy.
Once again guys thanks a million.
Client Name:Shweta Mishra
Pet Name:Lucy
Sector:BOM - Canada

Mathew K.J.

I am writing this letter to appreciate the amazing service you and your team rendered to me to import my pet dog from Doha on 31.12.2018. Your staff at Mumbai airport was very attentive and helpful.  Because of their efforts, I was able to find exactly what I needed and I am very happy and thankful for your assistance. You have put together a great team work and once again I appreciate your guidance.

Best regards,
Mathew K.J.

Thiago and Bruna

Dear Vinayak and Team Furry Flyers,

I really do not know how to thank you enough for all the help, time and attention you have had with my case.

When I arrived here in Mumbai, I really did not know if it was possible to bring my pets from Brazil. In just one meeting Mr. Vinayak  explained everything to me and how the procedure should be done and how easy it was to do it.

I would like to apologize for the complications regarding documentation from the Brazilian side, because I had no idea how huge the bureaucracy was for issuing the necessary certificates for the NOC. Not even the officers of the ministry of agriculture knew how to explain the procedure in Brazil. So I apologize.

Once again, I would like to thank all the staff who have always answered my emails and messages in a clear and agile way.

My wife and I are extremely happy with the outcome and the work of the furry flyers and we will certainly recommend the job for everyone who wants to bring their pets to India.

Best regards
Thiago and Bruna.

We recently flew from Houston to Chennai by Lufthansa bringing our 7 lbs dog with us in the cabin. We retained the services of Flurry Flyers to obtain the no objection certificate (NOC) from the Animal Quarantine & Certification Services in Chennai. Considering the time frame involved and the advent of a major festival in India leading to holiday season, I was very impressed when they emailed me the NOC promptly on time as promised, also giving us the mobile number of their contact in Chennai who would bring us the original NOC document to the airport.  When we landed in Chennai, I contacted the person by phone and he was actually waiting for us outside of the customs area with the original NOC on hand. I am very impressed by the services of Flurry Fliers and recommend them to others.

Client Name:R Seval
Sector:Houston to Chennai