Dearest Anupama,It’s really very late but we have never forgotten you & your team for the wonderful job done in transporting our babies to us, halfway across the world. Mallika & Royce are loving their life here in Kuala Lumpur & I think they will always be grateful to you for the care you took in ensuring their safety and comfort throughout their journey from Mumbai – Dubai & onward to KL.

If we had a choice,we would use your services to transport them anywhere in the world without batting an eyelid or two:). Everything about the move was thoroughly professional in handling as well as cared for.

I was so apprehensive in the beginning because it was the first for us as well as both our boxers. But since then, I am very confident abt flying them with us but it would be an icing on the cake to have you do that, which unfortunately may not be the case.

Please take this to be a heartfelt testimonial from Dean, me, Mallika & Royce. Royce is a very big & handsome boy, Mallika is ageing very gracefully but is spunky as ever.

Thank you once again for the wonderful experience we have had moving. We wish you the very best in all your ventures. Attaching a few pictures of the pooches enjoying their time here.

Love & warm regards,
The Clark family