Shefali Sharma

Mr. Vinayak helped me get my my fur baby from the US to India. At the time when I had lost all hope because of all the paperwork required by Indian customs, he helped me in getting everything in order. I would highly recommend his services. Thank you Mr. Vinayak for all your help.

Siddardha Amirneni

10/10 overall experience. They made the whole relocation process simple & stress free for me and my Labrador retriever (India to USA). I can’t thank each and every staff member from Furry Flyers enough. They were very professional and genuinely care for your pets. Special thanks to Ms. Anupama & Ms. Priya who guided me along every single step of the way. I would 100% recommend Furry Flyers to anyone with my eyes closed, you won’t regret it. Please maintain this great standard you are following, and thank you once again!!

Harjot Sidhu

Wonderful experience. Step by step guidance helped us to complete all paperwork in time. Starting from Canada and all the way till New Delhi went smoothly. Thanks Furry flier team 🙂

Droral Surgeon

Furry Flyers is probably the best service I have experienced, especially in India. Our dog has travelled to 4 countries by now but the easiest was taking him to India, and that is because of FF. My dog, this time travelled from USA to Mumbai. Despite being on the opposite side of the world and time difference, Vinayak was always available on WhatsApp and answered or called back every time I had a question. They replied to every single email I had sent them. Vinayak was very professional, he actually cared and was very comforting throughout the whole process. Documents requirements were streamlined by them and the turn around time for NOC was very quick. He guided with the document arrangement, selecting flight and other small necessary details.
Once in Mumbai, custom clearance was really smooth. The quarantine officer was aware of my dog and he came with the dog to the luggage pick up area. Paperwork with the officer was quick and I was escorted out with my dog. All that took about 10-15 minutes. Once outside, a person from Furry Flyers was present with original NOC who did some additional paperwork with the quarantine officer and we were done. I was astonished and I am still amazed how smooth the whole process was.
And their professional work had not finished just yet. A few days before 30 days anniversary of my dog’s arrival, they reminded me to obtain a health certificate that my dog is still doing well. And a now a final NOC certificate is on the way. I truly cannot believe how professional they are. I am always going to recommend them and will use them for my dog’s future travel.

Roy Parras

This was my first time ever traveling with a dog that I love very much despite his peculiarities. I was very apprehensive about how this was going to work, and all the documentation that was necessary to import an animal in to India from the US. The furry flyers folks were terrific. They told me what they needed to apply for the NOC in India and took care of everything on their end, so that I went through the airport upon reaching Mumbai without any issues. I was a little rattled that Jet Airways decided to change their domestic policy for pet travel a month before my travels, and further notify me of it just 1 week before I left. Mr. Vinayak of furry flyers was great in offering advice on what to do at such short notice, and provided information to me that I would not have been able to find on my own. There is so much conflicting, generic and outdated information on the airlines’ websites regarding pet travel that it causes more confusion then is necessary. The furry flyers folks are updated on the latest requirements for pet travel to India and I thank them for ALL the assistance. And most surprizingly, Air India (excess baggage folks in Mumbai) came to the rescue when Jet Airways dropped the ball big time on domestic travel, after getting to India.

My dog is adjusting to his new environment, and both of us thank the folks at furry flyers for their outstanding service. My advice to all importing animals into India: Make sure you get the No Objection Certificate before you get your pet to India. This document is also not valid if you get it before a certain time frame. So you have to plan it just right before your travel. One cat that didn’t have the certificate was turned back to its country of origin. That has to be the most unpleasant experience after hours of travel. Also if you travel with Lufthansa, you have to have atleast a 4 hour layover in Frankfurt for them to walk your pet and take it to the pet lounge or have a vet look at it. I had a 2 hour layover before my flight to India so my poor dog was stuck in his crate for over 20 hours before I could walk him in Mumbai. I wish I had known that about Lufthansa ahead of time. Anyway, I digress – Thank you Furry Flyers! 🙂