Abhishek Hajra

If you need an expert who will take care of all your Pet Export needs , don’t look beyond Furryflyers. The best part is that Vinayak and his team understand and reciprocate the fact that for some people Pets are family members and they need to be treated accordingly. Thanks is too small a word for what you have done Vinayak.

Reshmi Arun

Dear Friends…

As always Vinayak says never give up… Me and my husband are so much thankful to Vinayak Prabhu the man behind the success and the complete Furry Flyers team who we haven’t even seen once….

As it was a difficult and different assignment to Furry Flyers to bring our baby (Reshukutty) African Grey Parrot to India from Muscat, Oman where the laws, rules and process are entirely different and difficult…
This is first time that a Bird especially an African Grey Parrot which is listed in CITES II grade is flying out of Oman in complete history.

All the complications, impossibilities challenges were all faced boldly with the strong support and timely guidance from Vinayak. As the times passes, more complications and obstacles were coming and whenever we were down and started to give up, Vinayak never allowed us to give away the hope… He said one step at a time… Be patient, Your baby will come to you… He had taken this as a challenge to bring our pet to India and as promised Vinayak had brought our baby to Indian soil smoothly without any complications.

The whole crucial day before travel till the completion, timely information and co-ordination with me In Muscat and husband in India and your team was highly appreciated… Timely follow up from the crate before leaving home, cargo, customs, boarding and take off were clearly co-ordinated and made sure that everything was on as planned… We were wondering how he haven’t slept the whole night (1.20 am flight at Muscat – 3.50 am India) and was up and ready with his team when I arrived at 5.40am in India.. Everything was ready to complete the customs and clearing my pet… In fact, Wildlife officer, customs everyone was waiting for the arrival of our parrot to clear as everything was already on place and ready to be cleared…

Words aren’t enough to express our love and gratitude towards Vinayak and the complete team… When we heard the story behind the start up of Furry Flyers, we understood the purpose of your life and ours as well… Only a very few are found in this world with sincerity, love and mostly humanity… That we saw in you… A million thanks to you and your team… Wish you all the very best to you, family and team… When the loved pets reaches safely to their pet parents, the love and happiness can be seen as tears, that’s the best feeling and that’s the blessing you will be taking ahead!!!

We definitely re-commend you and Furry Flyers to everyone in need without a second thought… Always keep up the great work with love, compassion and humanity.…

With Love,
Reshmi & Arun
Muscat, Oman – Mumbai

Client Name:Reshmi Arun
Pet Name:Reshukutty
Sector:Muscat, Oman – Mumbai

Shirin Bhargava

Very responsive to queries via phone or email. The customs process at the airport was extremely smooth. Great service!

Rosemary Cockburn

I cannot recommend Vinayak and Manisha at Furry Flyers highly enough. They were so helpful and patient while arranging my travels to India with my yorkshire terrier, Radhe Shyam. Because of life circumstances I had to keep rearranging my travel dates – I think at least 3 times – but never once did they show any annoyance at the inconvenience. They were always prompt and courteous in replying to emails and took me through the entire, quite complicated process with great professionalism. They made sure I knew exactly what to have with me and what to do on arrival. The process was surprisingly smooth though I’m certain it would have been very different without their help and advice. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Ramadevi and Radhe Shyam.

Revati Bhatt

We got their information from a family friend who used their service to relocate their dog internationally. Furry Flyers are extremely professional, timely and reassuring with their service! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to relocate their pet around the world. These people KNOW their stuff and are extremely reliable. We moved our 8 year old mix-breed dog from California to Mumbai. Because of Vinayak and his team (Manisha, Rajesh etc) it was an incredibly smooth process. Thank very much for a job very well done!