Ajay Chopra

We had a very nice experience working with Furry Flyers! The team was very responsive and professional ! they know what needs to be done and do it well!

Wolfgang Tissen

Great service, we used them two times and all was organized excellent for our Pug and St. Bernard. No issues on the airports and immigration offices.

Ec Sl

We would like to thank you with your help with Benny’s transition. We felt that you are the reason for this smooth transfer.

We are touched both by your professionalism and the genuine love and passion for animals.

We now understand worrying about Benny’s trip to Hong Kong was a waste of energy as you had made this operation flawless.

Client Name:Ec Sl
Pet Name:Benny's


Hi Vinayak

Apologies for the delay – settling down at a new place has taken all my time so far. I have now rated your services on the link provided.

Here is something for your website:

“Furry flyers were a dream to work with. They knew exactly what was required, they were happy to handhold me through all steps of the journey including correcting mistakes made by the government officials – waiting on calls to ensure that the documents submitted were accepted by the bureaucracy. I have no doubts that when I need to fly again with my pet, I will look no further than Furry Flyers. They know their job and they have the best interests of the pet in mind.”



Joy Varghese and Family

Dear Vinayak and Manisha,

First of all, I have to say that I was quite skeptical about the possibility of taking my dog from Kuwait to India, but thanks to your flawless and extremely courteous service, I am glad to say that I picked Furry Flyers for this undertaking. Everything from filling up the first document to receiving my dog at the airport was an absolute breeze. I was honestly overwhelmed to see my dog waiting for me at the airport with the Furry Flyers team. I would totally recommend your service and hope you keep up the good work. Thanks and kudos to the Furry Flyers team for all the assistance and service. It was great pleasure having you do this for me and my family and of course, Richie.

Best regards and gratitude,
Joy Varghese and Family