Gaurav Deshpande

Awesome service by Furry Flyers team and especially Vinayak! He guides us all through the process and made the processing of getting NOC smooth. If you are moving with your dog from India to United States or the other way, I recommend using Lufthansa operated flights (pet cabin is directly below passenger cabin and maintained using the same system for air pressure and temperature) and going with Furry Flyers – A+ job!

Dilip K

Vinayak and his team were brilliant – their services were picture perfect and they always had the customers benefits in mind. From the start where they helped me identify what is the best means to bring my pet back to India from the UK (even though it meant that was the lower cost option thereby a reduced business for them) to the point where they were present at the airport to receive me, keeping all paperwork ready for the quarantine office and making it a smooth affair – no hiccups at all. Hats off to them – I have not doubt I will not look beyond them when I have to travel internationally again with my pet.

Harini Tummallapalli

My whole experience with Furry flyers right from the start to finish was absolutely smooth, professional and a pleasant experience. Moving with my dog from USA to India was very stressful but with Vinayak’s and Manisha’s guidance and support everything went smooth. They know what they are doing and I highly recommend them for your pets move

Jackie Sawiris

Me and my beautiful boy Theo are celebrating our two-and-a-half-week anniversary in Baltimore, Maryland, USA after a surprisingly smooth and easy trip from Goa, India thanks to Furry Flyers! Vinayak and his team are super knowledgeable, experienced, available, affordable, sweet and patient – we couldn’t have dreamed up a better team to move us from India to America. Sending so much gratitude to Furry Flyers – and many hugz from me and one incredibly happy pup!

Dipti Mathur

If Vinayak and his team is on your side …you can be sure that all the paper work is done! Well informed. In control. Totally dependable. I totally recommend Vinayak and team to all pet families reallocating to India.