Jackie Sawiris

Me and my beautiful boy Theo are celebrating our two-and-a-half-week anniversary in Baltimore, Maryland, USA after a surprisingly smooth and easy trip from Goa, India thanks to Furry Flyers! Vinayak and his team are super knowledgeable, experienced, available, affordable, sweet and patient – we couldn’t have dreamed up a better team to move us from India to America. Sending so much gratitude to Furry Flyers – and many hugz from me and one incredibly happy pup!

Dipti Mathur

If Vinayak and his team is on your side …you can be sure that all the paper work is done! Well informed. In control. Totally dependable. I totally recommend Vinayak and team to all pet families reallocating to India.

Madhu Vasudevan

Furry flyers helped me move my cats from Houston to Bangalore. The process is very complicated with lots of details. But furry flyers made sure it was seemless. They also gave timely updates. I highly recommend them!

Shantanu Naidu

I can guarantee that I was one of the toughest and most paranoid pet parent who wanted to get my golden retriever from the US to India. I constantly kept doubting the process but Vinayak and Manisha handled me and my concerns at my worst and kept reassuring me and answering my endless doubts every day. If they promise you they will get your pet parent home, have faith in them! My dog is home successfully today because of them and their confidence in getting my NOC when I had none. Thank you furry flyers!!

Kausik Debnath

Furry Flyers team is amazing. They have helped us with safe transportation of our pet dog Zico twice – once from India to US in 2013, and then back from US to India now in 2018. Both times their entire team have been outstanding.
The efficiency, professionalism, punctuality and sincerity shown by their entire team – Anupama Vinayak, Vinayak Prabhu, Manisha Jadhav, Rajesh Jaitapkar have been top notch.
Everyone @ Furry Flyers – I cannot thank you folks enough for the help you all rendered. You guys are the best.
Anyone looking for a professional handler for transportation of your furry babies – I would highly recommend Furry Flyers. You can trust them with your eyes closed.