Madhu Vasudevan

Furry flyers helped me move my cats from Houston to Bangalore. The process is very complicated with lots of details. But furry flyers made sure it was seemless. They also gave timely updates. I highly recommend them!

Shantanu Naidu

I can guarantee that I was one of the toughest and most paranoid pet parent who wanted to get my golden retriever from the US to India. I constantly kept doubting the process but Vinayak and Manisha handled me and my concerns at my worst and kept reassuring me and answering my endless doubts every day. If they promise you they will get your pet parent home, have faith in them! My dog is home successfully today because of them and their confidence in getting my NOC when I had none. Thank you furry flyers!!

Kausik Debnath

Furry Flyers team is amazing. They have helped us with safe transportation of our pet dog Zico twice – once from India to US in 2013, and then back from US to India now in 2018. Both times their entire team have been outstanding.
The efficiency, professionalism, punctuality and sincerity shown by their entire team – Anupama Vinayak, Vinayak Prabhu, Manisha Jadhav, Rajesh Jaitapkar have been top notch.
Everyone @ Furry Flyers – I cannot thank you folks enough for the help you all rendered. You guys are the best.
Anyone looking for a professional handler for transportation of your furry babies – I would highly recommend Furry Flyers. You can trust them with your eyes closed.

Jawahar Avichi

Furry Flyers helped me to fly my pet dog Tiffny with me in the flight cabin from the U.S to India. Their services were simply superb and outstanding. My heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Furry Flyers for helping me to bring my pet dog safely to India.

Both the U.S government and the Indian Government required lot of formalities and paperwork to get done to bring my pet to India. Apart from the Governments formalities, the Airlines had their own set of rules and regulations for pet travel in cabin with me. Mr. Vinayak and Ms.Manisha at Furry Flyers helped me to understand the whole paper work process and guided me through each step in the process. Due to the time difference between the U.S and India, I had to call Mr.Vinayak with my questions at odd times during night time for him in India and he answered all my calls with a big smile . Ms. Manisha at Furry Flyers promptly replied all of my emails clearing my doubts and organized all the required documents for my pet travel.The health certificate for my pet travel that was issued by United States Department for Agriculture (USDA) was valid only for 10 days from the date it was issued. So I had a very tight timeline to get the ‘NO Objection Certificate’ (NOC) from the Indian Government. Mr. Vinayak and his team at Furry Flyers worked diligently and got me the NOC from the Indian authorities in just one day. Their turn around time was so quick and that helped me to successfully bring my pet with me to India within that 10 days timeline. After reaching India with my pet dog, Furry flyers also gave me good guidance to help my pet fly with me domestically from Mumbai to Coimbatore.

I and my family members are extremely happy about our cute dog Tiffny reaching India after 20 hours of flight from the U.S. But for the excellent and prompt services of Furry flyers with all my paper work for my pet travel, it would have been very difficult for me to fly with my pet back home to india. Hats off to Furry Flyers for their excellent customer service. I would definitely recommend Furry Flyers to anyone who wants to bring their loved pets back home with them. Thanks a lot and best wishes to Furry Flyers for their future endeavors…..Regards…..Jawahar

Client Name:Jawahar Avichi
Pet Name:Tiffny
Sector:USA - BOM

Akshita Shetty

Vinayak and his team have been amazing. I recently shifted my dogs from ATL to MUM and Furry Flyers made the transition so easy. Vinayak made sure I understood the entire process and answered all my queries. From documentation to customs everything went smoothly. I would recommend them to anyone planing to move their pets to India. Thank you guys!!