Melissa and Yoda

Hi Anupama,

I would like to thank you a lot for your services. It was very smooth.
We reached safe and sound! Yoda sends you a big kiss!
Hopefully he gets used to the cold 🙂

Thank you again.

Melissa and Yoda 🙂


Neil, Gigi & Darby

Hello Anupama,

Hope you’ll forgive my lack of contact since leaving India last July. Gigi & I have never forgotten you but losing Darby to 4 months quarantine left us heartbroken and we pretty much put our lives on hold until the wonderful day at the end of Nov when we got him back. The
time between then and now seems to have flown by and we already find ourselves 1 month into the new year…!!

Darby settled straight into our new home and is loving the long, cool walks he gets everyday with plenty of interesting animals and new smells along the way…! The quarantine kennel was excellent, we visited him twice per week every week and he came home to us in a very healthy condition.

We hope you, your husband and your ‘boy’ are all well and we hope your respective businesses are good!

I’ve said it before but could never thank you enough for your terrific support in moving Darb from India to the UK. You are a lovely woman and your passion for animals and their welfare is truly admirable!

Take very good care, we’ll always remember you!
Neil, Gigi & Darby xx

Rajat Chhajer

Hi Anupama
Capo made it fine, he was cranky the first day but is back to normal now.
Very happy I made the decision to go with you guys as everything was well organized and taken care of.
Do let me know if you need anything from my end, thank you so much for helping out. I am very satisfied with the service provided.
Rajat Chhajer

Priya Seshu

Hi Anupama,

My apologies for not writing after I reached – I’ve been unwell since I landed in Chicago. The weather is not helping – it’s freezing cold. 🙂
Skip is absolutely fine – we had no issues during check in and travel. All the paperwork was in place and it went smooth.
Thank you so much for your help. Like I mentioned before, your staff is very helpful and courteous.
Thanks once again!
Priya Seshu

Amit Anand

Dear Anupama 
Thankyou, Thankyou Thankyou. I am so happy. Finally both Archie & Richie are home. You have been a great help and guided us through this transition. Thank you once again for everything.

Amit Anand