Nilesh Bansal

Dear Anupama,

At the outset let me convey my sincere appreciation of the assistance provided by you in the relocation of my pet from India to Singapore.
Let me sincerely admit that I was quiet apprehensive about the whole procedure and whether my pet would be able to bear the strain.
But your commitment and professional not only ensured a smooth relocation but also reassured us that all was under control.
I am extremely delighted to convey that Tiger has arrived healthy and in a good state in Singapore.
I would once again thank you for all your help.

Kind Regards,

Nilesh Bansal
Mumbai to Singapore

Rowena Viegas

Thank U soo much Anupama.

Simba is perfectly fine.

I can’t say enough, how happy we are to have Simba with us, all thanks to you for taking us through this process



Rowena Viegas.


Lucinda Gibbs

Dear Anupama

At last I have 5 minutes to sit and write to you. We are home and settled. All thanks to you. How we would have managed without you I can’t imagine. Everything was so well organised and went off so smoothly. I can’t thank you enough. Your staff are all delightful, calm and helpful – and of course you run an amazing ship. My friend I stayed with in London the first night is in International Removals and I have told her all about your wonderful operation, so should she have expats to or from India she now knows who to contact.

I wish we had been in Bombay and met you earlier. As I said it would have been nice to have socialised! Maybe when we are back on a business trip we can do just that.
For now, a thousand thanks for all you did to make our move with the animals a stress-free one. Your care for them was the most wonderful thing.


Lucinda Gibbs

Mumbai to UK

Anandavalli Nair

Hi Anupama

Anupama Vinayak of Pet Vacations made it possible for me to transport my kitten, Keeri , from Kochi to England.

She advised me on all the papers I needed and guided me through the process of getting the EU Third Country Health Certificate. It was done seamlessly and with good cheer.
I noticed she is very good at handling animals, especially traumatised ones. (She is also good at handling stressed-out pet owners.) She provided a large cage for Keeri to spend two days in Mumbai, while she waited transportation to England.
Anupama and her staff made everything look easy; I cannot thank her enough.

Anandavalli Nair.

Clara, Riccardo

Hi Anupama

We recomend Anupama’s Furry Flyers to anyone in India and outside India wishing or needing to fly with their pets.

Anupama helped us with Topina, our Indian dog, and we flew safely to Italy. She is very professional, but above all very caring.

Anupama helped us with all the papers, the information, and so on. Everything was so smooth thanks to her.

Trust her services.
Topina is now fine and happy in Italy!

Clara, Riccardo and Topina.