Ravi Kumar

We received Jojo this afternoon, though there were couple of places ( offices) we had to visit in clearing his paper work and a nominal fee that we had to pay I guess it is worth it .

He came very safe and extremely well .

A Special Shouting thanks goes to you guys and we are really all praises to extreme and priceless support of Priya And Anupama .

Thanks a lot again and this means a lot to us and your service is remarkable .

I cannot thank each and one enough for bringing him to us and our countless praises are all over you guys .

Thanks a ton Anupama and Priya you guys did this better and best than promised .

Ravi Kumar
Bangalore to Dallas, USA

Sandra & Charles Miranda

Good day Anupama,

Teddy has been returned in mint condition, with zero complications. You have an immense amount of our gratitude for your services. Brownie points to Furry Flyers.

Warm Regards,
Sandra & Charles Miranda

P J Pereira

I would like to thank Furry Flyers for the most wonderful service they provide in relocation of precious pets.

We relocated from the UAE to India. We had almost given up hope of taking our cat along with us – people we had contacted not only quoted large amounts to get the paper work done but made it seem an impossible task for our cat to travel. And then we were truly Blessed to find Furry Flyers. From the very first contact we made with them, we were filled with hope. And our hopes were not in vain. Manisha, we thank you very especially for the great support every step of the way. You went out of your way to help and support us even with details of flights, contact people, etc. Thank you, thank you.

Furry Flyers charges were so very reasonable and affordable. And they guided us so well for every document required – due to which we had no problems in getting the required documents. Even after arrival in India, though we delayed so much in reverting with some documents that were required for the permanent stay of the cat, they followed up with us diligently and then got for us the required documents.

Furry Flyers are the best ever and I would highly recommend anyone who needs relocation of their pets to use their services. They are so very reasonable in their charges and you can have total peace of mind knowing that true professionals are taking care of your precious pets.

Thank you Furry Flyers. And thank you Manisha.

Warm Regards,
P J Pereira

Manoj Jacob

Dear Anupama,

Thanks for all the help yourself and the entire team extended in relocating ginger to UK. Convey our special gratitude to Priya in Bangalore.

Ginger is absolutely fine with no health related issues. Here temp is minus 3, still he is coping well. He has good appetite and plays around well. Myself and kids have reached on Friday and they too have a nice time with ginger.

Shall keep in touch.

Thanks again.

Warm regards,
Manoj Jacob

Hi Anupama,

Well it has been pretty chaotic since we arrived home, but every day gets easier. Sarah is amazing she is taking it all in her stride. She has become very close to Fynn our Golden Retriever which surprised us all !! He has been officially declared Sarah’s Toy ! Poor boy hardly gets a moments peace she is biting – jumping on or hanging off some part of him most of the day and he is loving it, lots of play fighting and tearing around the garden.

The other 3 babies – Teddy, Ollie and Bendy Girl are a little stand offish mostly but occasionally they have a little dabble at play, just not sure how to take her at the moment – She’s a bit of a tornado !!! but so much fun and so much love. I have attached several pictures for you and will of course give you updates from time to time.

On a more serious note I once again send you and you lovely team all my thanks for making this such an easy process.

You relieved me, and Sarah of a lot of stress and worry, the way you arranged everything with meticulous attention to detail and both mine and Sarah’s well being – From the collection of Sarah and I from Mumbai airport and our safe delivery to the Pet Friendly Hotel you had booked us into – collecting us the next morning for the vet appointment you had arranged to prepare Sarah for export to Cyprus and completing the endless paperwork involved , checking and double checking every aspect to make sure there were no problems – taking us to the wonderful boarding kennels in Thane and then finally shipping Sarah to Cyprus with constant communication which was SO important . And the care and interest you still show . Thank You All . You are Amazing – Extremely caring and professional and I would not hesitate to recommend youover and over
In fact please feel free to give my email address to any prospective clients who have questions, I will only be too happy to relate to them my experience with you.

Keep doing what you do so well !!

Happy Landings

Much Love from me and ‘Our Little Beach Baby’