Srinath L

Mr. Vinayak and his team did a fantastic job in relocating my 3 dogs from Lusaka, Zambia to Coimbatore, India. They very supportive and never short of new ideas to get our pets to travel safely. We got stuck at Mumbai Airport on arrival from Zambia as Air India refused to carry our pets and Mr. Vinayak made an instant decision of moving our dogs from Mumbai to Coimbatore by road and he organised 2 cars in the next 1.5 hours with dog food ready for the 25 hour road journey. He constantly followed up on the condition of the pets throughout the journey and after the arrival to ensure everything went smoothly.

If it wasn’t for Mr. Vinayak and Furry Flyers team, we wouldn’t have managed to transport our dogs safely and I will definitely recommend his services to anyone who wants to relocate pets.

Monica Gulati

My 12 year Labrador just traveled with me from Dubai to Mumbai. Furry flyers did all the paper work in India. They were efficient, clear and prompt in answering all my queries. There were 2 national holidays the week I traveled and despite that they managed to get everything done on time.

Poonam Vakil

Very very happy with their services. They are absolutely thorough in their work. They know their job well. My dog reached home absolutely safe and sound.

Tejaswi Shahir

I wanted to move back to India from UAE and I wasn’t leaving my fur baby behind. I contacted several pet relocation agencies that gave me all the wrong information possible. They left me believing I can never relocate my pet to India. The information available online was also very confusing and the process was extremely complicated. I decided to do whatever it takes to move my cat. I emailed several pet relocation agencies about my situation however none of them got back to me immediately except for Furry Flyers. Their prompt reply helped me get my pet to India as had it been any later I wouldn’t have been eligible to get my pet to India. Vinayak Prabhu understood the urgency of the situation and helped me get my pet without any hassles. I was also worried about my pets safety while flying but they helped me with the safety precautions to be taken while flying with the pet. The services are definitely expensive but when it comes to your fur baby you want the best and if you eanw the best you contact Furry Flyers.


Dear Team…

A hearty thanks to you for helping us with Morya’s procedure, Everything went well, he reached safe and healthy in Mumbai.

As always Vinayak has been efficient, and thanks to him our Pup Morya Parikh has moved amazingly to Mumbai, India from Dubai, UAE.

Thanks to his welcoming and positive attitude, our baby was carefully handled.

We are very happy and satisfied with the services of FurryFlyers!!

Definitely recommended for anyone who wants to move their pets around.


Client Name:Parikh
Pet Name:Morya
Sector:DXB - BOM