Dear Anupama..

This is to say Thank you to you and the Furry Flyers team for helping me bring Sasha from Madagascar to Mumbai!It would have been impossible without your help and support.And I must admit in this whole process I learnt a lot of things from a pet lover like you!Will always remember what you said,about you understanding pets more than human beings!Could not have found a better person for Sasha!

Will also always be grateful to Furry Flyers for keeping up with every word they have committed to me in terms of their services.I got more than what I expected.Will always suggest you guys to all my friends.

Thanx again,
Best Wishes

Devang And Navdeep Dixit

Hello Anupama, Manisha , Rashmi and Rajesh,

I would like to convey my SpeciaL thanks to you guys for helping us out in every possible way for our pet.! We have greatly appreciated your support and we would do business with you again in the future and give your reference to people who want to do the same. Our pet is doing well in India and seems to be enjoying India.

Thank You Again
Devang And Navdeep Dixit.

Dr. Jacques Mouton

Dear Anupama,

Many thanks for taking my call. As indicated, I am worried about my pet being shipped to Mumbai and getting stuck in Mumbai without food, water, etc. I now understand that you will personally receive the dog and put him the same day on the flight to Baroda after ensuring that he has received water and food.

Dr. Jacques Mouton
Vadodara, India

Louise Coetzer

Hi Anupama,

We have reached safely and Cleo and Penny are in quarantine in South Africa until next Wednesday. I would like to thank you for all your help, friendliness and professional service in sending my pets home, we really appreciate everything.

Have a nice week and I hope your business goes from strenght to strenght. Luv- Louise Coetzer, Cleo and Penny.

Monique Nerman

Dear Anupama,

When I decided to send Tommy from Goa to the USA, I was very worried he would not be able to cope with the journey.

Tommy is a street dog I adopted in Goa, who had only been in a car twice and had never been away from the little he knew of the world.
Your  with all the pre-travel assistance and information was very accurate and easy to understand.

Upon transit in Mumbai, you took the best care of my Tommy and made sure that he was OK and safe with you and your staff. He arrived in New York after this 2 day long journey looking fit and healthy.
I couldn’t think of a better person to trust my pet with during this long journey.

Your support and professional way of handling all matters, made this big journey very easy for me and Tommy.

With kind regards
Monique Nerman,

Client Name:Monique Nerman
Pet Name:Tommy
Sector:Goa - USA