Barilli Maximiliano & Giuliani Katia

Dear Anupama,

What can we say …a big big . thank for all !!! as you can see Kyra is very happy and she feel very nice the most important thing is …. our home is where our heart is … and Kyra knows it .
once more thank you very much .
Katia Max and Kyra

Best Regards,
Barilli Maximiliano & Giuliani Katia,

Kaiz and Ayesha Dady Burjor

Hi Anupama,

Would like to say a big thank you for your exceptional service provided by you and your company in bringing our dog, Nayla, from the USA to Mumbai. The prompt manner in which all the document were obtained and the handling of Nayla at the Mumbai airport,especially the handling of Nayla at the Mumbai airport,especially the continuous updates via

SMS,whilst Nayla was in the cargo area, really impressed us..we were extremely relieved and happy to see that our beloved dog was in great shape. You were always available on the phone..no matter what time it was in Mumbai,you always took our calls.

Best Regards,
Kaiz and Ayesha DadyBurjor ,

Sunita Mathur

Hi Anupama,

Hope the wound that Leo gave you has healed.
We are gradually settling in Dubai. Leo still does not leave me for a minute. Follows me everywhere. I am also not forcing things on him, let him take his own time to build up the confidence that I will once again not leave him  with new faces. Anupama, I am so glad that I found you on the net. It was just by chance that it happened. And when I spoke to you, I felt confident that Leo would be in very safe hands and I can totally and completely rely on you with my sweetheart. All his paper work for his move from Toronto to Mumbai was done on time and

efficiently and so was his move from Mumbai to Dubai was well taken care of. Thank you so much for all the effort and the confidence that you build in me and making this long move for Leo and my family so easy. I will surely recommend you to all whom I know.

Thank you once again for all the help, Take care.
Sunita Mathur

Hello Pet Vacations Team!

Little Gunner is HERE! He’s really here! Thank you guys so much! I’ve decided that Gunner is going to be Raj now. I have a horse named Queen, another dog named Jack, and now I have a dog named Raj (King)! He has learned how to “sit” and “lay down” so far.I have taken him on 2 runs, and he LOVES it! My dog Jack is a bit fat, and it really shows when he’s next to Raj! Raj can run for EVER it seems like! He’s such a good little dog. Here are some pictures of him and his new home so far. The hairy dog is my other dog Jack. Jack’s feelings were hurt when Raj first got here because he likes to be the center of attention, but they’ve gotten along since the beginning.

Abby Johnston
Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.

Client Name:Abby Johnston
Pet Name:Gunner

Archana Sajith

Dear Anupama

Thanks for the great care you took of Amore. She has reached Oman safely and looks totally fine.
Thank you once again for the handling both on the domestic front as well as her International relocation.

Archana Sajith