Gouri and Milind Nagle

I am happy to inform you that Benji arrived safely at Mumbai airport from the US. He was a bit disoriented but he is coming along well. The documentation was perfect and we had no problems at all to get the Customs clearance. I and Milind want to thank you for the excellent yet very personal help that you provided.

At this end, Pet Vacations provided us with excellent service. I am marking a copy of this message to Anupama Vinayak ( The lady who owns and runs the company). You may get in touch with her if you do any business with India in future. When you write to her she can provide you with all her business coordinates.

Gouri and Milind Nagle
Mumbai, INDIA.


Client Name:Gouri and Milind Nagle
Pet Name:Benji
Sector:BOM - USA

Anna and Oreo

Many thanks again for you help and I was very happy with your service. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to any of my Mumbai friends who are shipping a pet. We were also fortunate to have chosen to travel on Singapore Airlines as they were also very professional from start to finish.Oreo seems to be fine and is eating well but he has been “crying” abit during the nights but I think that he is just abit disorientated and jet lagged and so last night we left a light on for him and he was better.
We were out and about yesterday and I was pleased to see that there is a vet,s office close by and they seemed very nice and it was very clean and friendly. Thanks again and all the best for continued success, Anna and Oreo. USA
Pet Name: Anna and Oreo

Jose C. G. Rebollar

Pet Vacations have been the right election to move my dog to India from Spain. Everything was easy and they provide a high level service.

I have spoken with the Spanish Consulate & with my bank to recommend your company.

Jose C. G. Rebollar
CAO SG Private Banking,

Merlyn Raj

Dear Anupama,

Our experience on relocating our 3 year old pet labrador from Mumbai to Chennai was a very positive one. We think that taking the cage a few days before the final departure helped put our pet at ease. We would give him all his snacks in the cage and then the same was not so alien anymore. We spoke to the airline (jet airways)beforehand and sounded them off accordingly. He was taken in on a leash all excited into the domestic airport. We put his mattress inside the cage. The airline was quick in weighing him with the cage and almost immediately he was escorted to the airplane. He did voice his displeasure in loud tones to everyones amusement and curiosity.

Once he realised that we were not around he sobered down and guess enjoyed the flight. My son wanted to know whether the oxygen mask would drop down for him too in case of an emergency. I of course replied in the affirmative.

When we reached Chennai airport Coco was first to come out on the conveyor belt all calm and curious. But no sooner than he saw us he barked (I would like to think that it was with joy and relief). Once we were out of the airport we let him loose and welcomed him to the sight and smells of his new home.

Your service was very prompt. Your rep was at the airport to recieve the empty cage that avoided me lugging it all over the place. In my opinion The cost was very reasonable.

Best Regards,
Merlyn Raj

Chennai, INDIA.

Urjita Kashalikar

Hi Anupama,

My name is Urjita Kashalikar. I am currently in London with my husband. I have three dogs ( 1 male boxer, 1 male labrador, 1 female boxer). All three are within the age group 1-2 years. I have the up to date vaccination papers for all three of them. I have registration papers for only 2 of them as the female boxer is adopted. I have made all the quarantine arrangements in London and have already couriered the import licence to my address in Thane, Mumbai, India. My dogs are currently put up in a kennel on the outskirts of Thane. I am looking for someone who can help transport them to London Heathrow by arranging their crates, export documenation, air ticket as cargo, picking them from the kennel in mumbai and putting them on a flight to UK. I need to get them here on a direct flight which lands at heathrow during the day upto 6pm preferably by the 19th.

Urjita Kashalikar
Hounslow Middlesex,
London, UK.