John Abraham


Here is my feedback to the most daring thing i have done so far – shipping my dog from Mumbai to Goa. It was a tense activity physically and most importantly mentally. Priority number one was, in what container to sent it in.
Anupama, has been very helpful in with this issue … also an addition help on cost. Excellent service, when ever I have called the call was attended.
All in all i am happy with the service.

Best Regards,
John Abraham

Hi Anupama

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for creating such an amazing data bank in www.petvacations.in

Simple yet so helpful, it indeed is the one stop shop for all our Poochie queries..!!!

Our first time travel with our pet dog Buddy was all thanks to you providing us the cage on rent, else it would have been extremely difficult.

The tips on air travel with pets on your website were really helpful.
Thanks and keep up the good work.

Manish Diwan
Manager-Market Development
Vodafone Essar Ltd, Mumbai, INDIA.

Client Name:Manish Diwan
Pet Name:Poochie

Georgina & Jason Howes

Dear Anupama, 

Just a note to confirm Binkie and Gabbie reached home safely and both look incredibly content and happy. Thank you so much for all your assistance in helping them get home.It looks as though the journey was relatively easy for them and they have both long since forgotten it. Couldn’t thank you enough for everything.

Kind regards,
Georgina & Jason Howes

Nick and Jean Nerurkar

Dear Furry Fliers

Having telephoned to convey our thanks for the safe and happy arrival of our pet whippet Jasmine, we would like to confirm in writing our gratitude, with an especial ‘thank you’ to Mrs. Anupama Vinayak and Manisha, for the service they provided when our puppy arrived at Mumbai Airport, having already travelled all the way that same day from Heathrow Airport, London! A long, long journey, for such a tiny scrap only five months old!

They gave practical advice on the best way to then get her home to us in Goa, with the least possible stress on the animal, which was to fly both her and Nick on the same flight this evening. Everything was accomplished in the same day, and we were all re-united at Goa, delighted to see our pet arrive happy and in spotless condition.

So thank you again, for taking care of both little Jasmine, and also Nick, who had gone to collect her, it was a very worrying time for us humans as well! Paul our son had organized everything from the U.K. end, and said how clearly and easily understood everything had been made.

We would firmly recommend your company to anyone contemplating travelling their animals, and tell them they can leave their pets in your safe hands with complete confidence.

By the way, love the name of your company!!

Yours sincerely,

Nick and Jean Nerurkar