Amitabh Roy

Apologies for this late posting but on our arrival in New York we’d called Vinayak expressing our heartfelt gratitude.

The adventures of Diesel continues. He’s our little baby, a miniature Dachshund and we wouldn’t trust anybody else but Vinayak – Anupama and their fabulous team of efficient and genuine animal lovers.

Diesel had made his first trip from Milan to Mumbai taken care of fabulously by Vinayak and then after visiting his parent’s country it was time for his travels to continue. The paperwork to travel to the US was done in no time and we are happy to say that Diesel’s entry at the immigrations was smooth as it can be. No questions asked.

We plan on bringing Diesel to India on holidays which Vinayak has kindly pointed out will be a breeze. And as and when Diesel is ready to explore another country, it’s a no brainer as to who we will be approaching!

Once again a BIG thank you for making Diesel’s travels smooth and at the same time calming our frazzled nerves. We’re lucky to have you guys in our lives.

Wishing the entire Furry Flyers team much happiness and success!

Padmini & Amitava Roy.

Client Name:Amitabh Roy
Pet Name:Diesel

Dimple Pandya

Dear Anupama ,Manisha & Rajesh ,

Just the word thankyou is not enough for the happiness you gave me,still a big thankyou & blessings from deep of my 💓 heart. When my husband got an opportunity to move to Germany I was happy but equally questions were raising in my mind that how my Pluto will go ,then I came to know about Furry Flyers .I read all the testimonials and got the confidence that even my pet can travel,as many people were saying you have a snubbed nose dog he won’t be able to travel ,give your pet to someone else or give it for adoption.It was a nightmare for me.. I would rather leave the opportunity to go to Germany but can’t leave my baby alone. Next day Anupama asked to me write down a mail with the details of my pug & from the first day she showed such a confidence that my pug can easily go to Germany.Furry flyers guided me all the steps to follow,they are so professional they give me things in hand ,they made my pet travel very easy. I would like to thank Rajesh ji for the help he gave me when I came to Mumbai with my pet to meet Quarantine Officer. And finally the travel day came 5th April 2018 , Anupama’s staff came and gave me the file with original as well as photocopy of documents, and also checked the crate and put absorbants and water bowl to it. Still being a pug mother I was stressed out, I had a continuous thoughts going on my mind like ..is it the last time I am seeing my baby playing, eating ,peeing .. I hugged & kissed him many times. Then Rajesh called and said Anupama man wants to talk to you..I called her and she said ” Dimple bindaas jao and think it’s just a mode of transportation” & bang I got super energized all the negativity gone. At airport I took out my baby for crate scanning and gave him a big hug and kiss and said see you soon baby, Papa is waiting for us in Frankfurt.After reaching Frankfurt, I go to immigration and ran to baggage claim area, I asked Lufthansa person standing near baggage claim area that where my pet will come ,he said showed the area from where my Pluto was about to come. & Finally 4people came with crate they put the crate and cut the locks…I saw Pluto sitting in the crate and eagerly looking outside.I hugged him tight and cried out loud out of happiness and instead of saying thank God I was saying thanks Furry Flyers , blessings came from deep of my heart for the entire Furry Flyers team.Now Pluto is enjoying in Germany going for a long walks with both Mommy & Papa #Familyreunion it is.He made some Spanish & Italian furry friends too.Good part is here Pluto can come with us anywhere in bus ,train,tram ,cabs, parks, malls 😘
Please check out some pictures of my baby..

Thanks, Dimple 🙂

Client Name:Dimple Pandya
Pet Name:Pluto
Sector:BOM - Frankfurt

Vivek Raj

Very helpful and knowledgeable, highly recommended!

We recently travelled with our dog (Oreo, Poodle mix) from Canada (Vancouver) to India (Bangalore via Mumbai). Furry Flyers personnel were very professional and had an in-depth understanding of the rules and the paperwork required.

The team provided us detailed information of the procedure and documentation and was very prompt in addressing any queries, including on weekends. The team was also aware of the latest rule changes (for example: Lufthansa does not allow pets to Bangalore).

Furry Flyers also had very reasonable rates.

Thank you Furry Flyers for making this experience so smooth!

Deepika Bangera

Extremely professional, I recently exported my 2 cats from saudi Arabia to India.Very clear with documents required and always had quick response in need.Thank u furry flyers, one of the best

Sonal Shah

Furry flyers was amazing. They helped us at every moment, any time of the day. They assisted in every step, however confusing. Not only did they help before the process but they also came late at night to the airport to collect papers and had necessary things (such as a scissor and papers) for us.
They assisted after the airport with follow up emails. Highly recommend. P