Furry Flyers offers professional pet relocation services worldwide based in Mumbai, India. Our pet relocation services for pet import and pet export,
NOC for dogs and cats, etc, extend to Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad Chennai and Bangalore.
We are IPATA Members and IATA qualified for pet transport worldwide.
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Furry Flyers provides IATA specified imported pet crates for dog and cat travel by air. The IATA pet crates are available in different sizes to suit the smallest kitten to a full grown German Shepherd. We also provide custom made wooden crates in case the pet dog is larger than the biggest readymade fibre crate.

Our pet crates conform to IATA standards and are of the highest quality. We do not compromise on quality, because it is the safety of the animal using the crate that is paramount to us.

We provide only the best!

IATA Pet Crates
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Pet Exports From India

IATA Pet Crates

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IATA Pet Crates

Airlines both domestic and international, require you to obtain an IATA (International Air Transport Association) specified crate for your pet dog or cat for travel by air. These crates are suitably designed with your pet’s flight safety and comfort in mind. Made of fibre they are available in various sizes to accommodate the smallest puppy to the largest dog. There are airline crate sizes up to 48” length to accommodate big dog breeds.

IATA Airline crates For Purchase In Mumbai

Furry Flyers offers IATA specified Pet crates and Crates, of different sizes, suitable for both pet cats and dogs. All the crates are suitable for both domestic and international air travel. Pet crates are available for Purchase in Mumbai - ex-Mumbai. crates for purchase can be supplied all over India.

Pet Crates

Kindly send us the following specifications, so that we can advice the best crate for your pet. Height, Length and Width of your pet in inches. Detailed instructions on how to measure your pet dog or cat have been given below.

Kindly book your pet crate in advance, we have make sure the specific size is available.

For Dog or Cat Travel crates purchase in Mumbai, India


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01 # 700 GIANT L 48" X W 32" X H 35"
L 122 CM X W 81 CM X H 89 CM
L 45" X W 29" X H 35"
L 114 CM X W 74CM X H 89 CM
Click Here 18.700 KG
02 # 600 BIG XL L 45.3" X W 27.2" X 33.5"
L 115 CM X W 69 CM X H 85 CM
L 40.2" X W 25.5" X H 33"
L 102 CM X W 65 CM X H 84 CM
Click Here 16 KG
03 # 550 M EXTRA LARGE L 42" X W 30" X H 31"
L 107 CM X W 76 CM X H 79 CM
L 38" X W 27" X H 29"
L 97 CM X W 69CM X H 74 CM
Click Here 13.500 KG
04 # 500 EXTRA LARGE L 40" X W 27" X H 30"
L 100 CM X W 67 CM X H 75 CM
L 36" X W 24" X H 29"
L 91 CM X W 61 CM X H 74 CM
Click Here 11.610 KG
05 # 400 LARGE L 36" X W 24" X H 26"
L 90 CM X W 61 CM X H 66 CM
L 32" X W 22" X H 25"
L 81 CM X W 56 CM X H 64 CM
Click Here 8.900 KG
06 # 300 I. A L 31.5" X W 22" X H 23"
L 80 CM X W 51 CM X H 59 CM
L 29 " X W 20" X H 22.5"
L 74 CM X W 51 CM X H 57 CM
Click Here 6.600 KG
07 # 250 M.I B L 28" X W 20" X 22"
L 71 CM X W 52 CM X H 58 CM
L 25" X W 18" X H 20"
L 64 CM X W 46 CM X H 51 CM
Click Here 5.600 KG
08 # 200 I.B L 27 " X W 20" X 18.5"
L 69 CM X W 51 CM X 47 CM
L 24" X W 18" X H 18"
L 61 CM X W 46 CM X H 46 CM
Click Here 4.630 KG
09 # 100 SMALL L 23.5" X W 16" X H 16"
L 60 CM X W 41 CM X H 41 CM
L 21.5" X W 13.5" X H 16"
L 55 CM X W 34 X H 41 CM
Click Here 3.00 KG

We also manufacture IATA specified custom made wooden pet crates for International travel.

We also have all sizes of soft crates as per each Airlines in cabin pet policy.

Airline or flight crates / crates have the following features: rugged construction, steel gates, ventilation grids, and ABS twist-locks provide ultimate security. They are supplied with wheel package to make transportation easier. The wheels have to be removed before the crate is boarded on to the flight, to avoid the crate from moving or jostling around in the cargo hold of the aircraft.

The IATA specified pet crates are approved for international airline travel. The rules regarding approved types of containers for cats, dogs, ferrets and birds flying in cabin and as cargo were created by IATA and have been accepted by the world's airlines.

Pets In Cabin

When traveling with your pet dog or pet cat by flight and in cabin, the airline will only allow one pet per passenger and a maximum of two pets per cabin. The IATA pet crate must fit under the seat in front of you and must have a waterproof bottom.

Pets In Cargo Hold

Airlines flying large aircrafts accept live animals as cargo and have made special provisions for their handling. Whether you pet dog or cat is traveling as checked baggage or as cargo, they will wind up in the same special area of the cargo hold of the aircraft, which is pressurized and temperature controlled. The animals must be in an IATA approved container and meet certain other requirements. It is considered best to have only one animal per container but the IATA rules state that two animals can share the same container if the animals are below 14kg (30lbs). Kindly check with airline rules regarding carrying two pets in one pet crate.

Airline Travel Pet Crate Specifications

  • The container must be large enough for the animal(s) to stand, turn around, and lie down.
  • The kennel must be made of a sturdy plastic.
  • The container must have a secure all around locking system with the pins extending beyond the horizontal extrusions above and below the door.
  • Both water and food bowls must be attached to the inside of the front door and be refillable from the outside of the container without opening the door.
  • The container must have ventilation on all four sides.
  • The Container must have LIVE ANIMAL STICKERS on the top and sides in letters at least one inch tall.
  • If the container has wheels they should be removed or taped securely so that the kennel cannot roll.
  • The container must be identified with the pets name and owners contact information. If traveling internationally then you should attach an extra copy of the pets health certificate to the container.

Measuring Your Pet For The Crate

To be able to buy the right size of crate for your pet, you need to measure your pet in inches according to the diagram below.

Measuring Your Pet



Measure the length of your pet when standing from the base of his tail to the tip of his nose. Measure the length of your pet when standing from the floor to the top of his head.
Add 4" to Measurement A. Add 4" to Measurement B.
This is how Long your pet's travel crate needs to be. This is how Tall your pet's travel crate needs to be.