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 Should I feed my pet just before the flight ?

It is better to feed a pet 05 to 06 hours before the flight as we do not want him to travel on a full stomach. However, make sure your pet has access to water at all times, otherwise he will get dehydrated.

Furry Flyers will give you the right advice on feeding and exercise of your pet on the day of the flight.

 What if my pet feels like peeing and pooping when on the flight ?

It is usually puppies and kittens that cannot control nature’s call. Most pets on shorter journey’s control their toileting, since they would prefer not to sit in their pee and poop.

We put an absorbent pad at the bottom of the crate in case of mishaps.

 If my pet is unwell will he/she be allowed on the flight ?

It is always better to get a clean bill of health for your pet from your Vet before your pet flies. It is against airline rules to carry an unwell pet on the flight, especially since your pet will remain alone in the cargo hold of the aircraft with no one to check him/her during the flight.

Even if there are slight systems beyond the normal, the airline will object to carry the pet on its flight.

In case the pet has a condition which might not cause any problems on the flight, for example a healed fracture. In such a case the Vet would have to provide a letter stating the nature of the problem and that it will not cause any problems on the flight.

Pets with unhealed wounds are not acceptable by airlines.

 Will my pet be put along with the rest of the baggage on the flight ?

Your pet will travel in the cargo hold of the aircraft which is pressurised and temperature controlled. The pet’s crate in this special area will be strapped down with thick straps, so that it does not move in case of air turbulence and during take-off and landing.

The temperature will be almost the same as in the passenger area and it will be dimly lit, so it is most likely that your pet will relax during the flight and take a nap.

When your pet is booked as Cargo, your pet will be the last to be boarded on the flight and the first to be offloaded at destination to ensure his safety and comfort.

 What are the basic documents I require to take my pet from India abroad ?

The very basic documents are updated and valid vaccinations, export permit/license and fitness certificate from vet doctor. Then the export paperwork required varies according to the destination country rules. When it comes to exporting your pet from India, it is always best to contact Furry Flyers in advance. Pet relocation requires a lot of co-ordination and planning and in some cases takes only weeks and in other takes months. Documentation for certain countries can take from 06 months to 08 months of planning.

Be sure to contact Furry Flyers as soon as you know your plans of shifting your pet abroad. Email us on: export@furryflyers.com

 How can Furry Flyers assist in the export of my pet ?

Furry Flyers specialises in the door-to-door export of pets (dog and cats) from India to anywhere in the world.
In the case that you will be taking your pet booked as Accompanied Baggage to the destination country, Furry Flyers can assist in checking your existing paperwork and its compliance with the destination country rules. We will also complete all paperwork required for the export of your pet, to make sure you should not have any problem at the destination country.

If you will be sending your pet booked as cargo, we will take care of absolutely everything so that you and your pet are totally stress free. The services Furry Flyers will offer are:

1. Consultancy for your pet’s relocation given the destination country requirements.
2. Planning the logistics of travel and export documentation.
3. Booking your pet on the flight.
4. Advising you on the crate size required for your pet in compliance with IATA and particular airline rules.
5. Providing you with an IATA compliant pet crate.
6. Advising you on how to train your pet to get used to the crate, so that his / her travel is totally stress free.
7. Pick up of your pet on the date of travel.
8. Providing destination services like Import permit, import clearance and delivery to residence.
9. Proving you all information on how to pick up your pet at the destination.
10. Making your pet’s relocation as stress free as possible for your pet child and you.
11. Giving oodles and oodles of love to your pet, so that he feels that he is on a holiday!
12. Clearing your apprehensions and making you prepared for your pet’s travel.

Please contact us on the Email: export@furryflyers.com for your pet’s relocation. We will be happy to help!

 Will my pet be safe on the flight ?

We at Furry Flyers think of your pet’s travel on the aircraft as just a means of transport. We believe, rather a little stress of a few hours on the flight and the pet and pet parent is reunited with happiness of a lifetime. Definitely, the little stress is worth it than abandoning your pet or leaving him behind. Believe me he will be pining away for you all his life if you leave him behind.

A healthy pet that is used to his crate should not face much stress on the flight. We have relocated 100s of pets on British Airways, United Airlines, Lufthansa, Emirates, Jet Airways, Cathay Pacific, South Africa Airlines, Kenya Airways, etc all over the world and till date we can proudly say that all of them have reached safely.

Yes pets are a little disoriented for 2 to 3 days on arrival at their destination. But once they reunited with you and familiarise themselves with their new home ... they will be as happy as before.

 Should I feed my pet immediately after I pick him up / receive him at the airport ?

You can offer your pet some fresh water as soon as you reunite with him and take him out of the crate. Feed him his first meal in his new home, only once he is settled, less stressed and calm.

Do not worry, if he does not eat, he will eat once he has settled down.

 What if my cat meows or my dog barks in the crate ?

It is not unusual for a cat to meow or a dog to bark in the crate. After all they do not know what is happening. It is most likely that they will settle down once in the cargo hold where they are alone, it is dimly lit and air-conditioned.

Also once the pet parent is out of sight, the pet child will usually calm down after a while. A pet that is used to his/her crate again may not display much agitated behaviour.


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