Furry Flyers offers professional pet relocation services worldwide based in Mumbai, India. Our pet relocation services for pet import and pet export,
NOC for dogs and cats, etc, extend to Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad Chennai and Bangalore.
We are IPATA Members and IATA qualified for pet transport worldwide.
Furry Flyers Pet Relocation Worldwide

Furry Flyers

Pet Relocation Worldwide
Since 2008

Your pet deserves only the best!

We at Furry Flyers shower your pet with all the love and care that she rightly deserves making her relocation as stress free as possible for you and her.

You can call on us for complete door-to-door pet relocation services either when you are bringing your pet child into India or taking her from India internationally.

Furry Flyers stands for “ Passion & Professionalism.” Our love for animals supersedes all.

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Pet Imports Into India

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+91 97699 15345

Off: +91 22 4295 5520 / 4003 0539

Between 10:30 am to 6:00 pm (IST)

Email: info@furryflyers.com

Our Love For Animals

“There are some experiences in life you should never miss – one is loving an animal. I believe, until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened.”

I was the luckiest child on earth to grow up with animals around me. I owe a lot to the lovely pet sister I had as a kid my German Shepherd ‘Bingo.’ Having her in my life was a discovery of my own soul – a part of which I had sold to animals as a kid. I understood them better than I did most people. I can tell you, without animals, my life would have been a much less rewarding journey.

Furry Flyers and Pet Vacations are born of that passion. And who have spurred me on? Our late yellow labrador dog, Paula my most naughty office kitten and my mad about animals husband, Vinayak. We are quite a team! As my husband always says, “We have gone to dogs!” Hey, we are FURRY FLYERS!

Love for Animals

What We Do?

  • Professional door-to-door Pet Relocation worldwide.
  • We take care of the entire pet’s relocation procedure right from…
    • Pet travel consultancy
    • Pick up from your door-step in a temperature controlled vehicle
    • Arrange for boarding (if required)
    • Import /Export Permits and Certifications
    • Airport Check-in and Import / Export Clearance
    • In-transit permits
    • Booking pet on flight with ideal routing
    • Airport handling & Pet Supervision
    • Arrange for suitable IATA pet crate/kennel
    • Country specific destination services
    • Booking Quarantine Kennels
    • Compliance with all Animal Welfare Act Regulations
    • Drop to destination in temperature controlled vehicle

… above all, we will shower your pet with lots & lots of love

Where We Are?

We are based in Mumbai, India and handle Pet Export into and from India via the following ports of entry into the country: MUMBAI, NEW DELHI, KOLKATA, HYDERABAD, BANGALORE & CHENNAI.

Why Us?

I would rather have the Pet parents who have availed our services tell you. Click here to know what they have to say about us.

  • We are IPATA members and IATA qualified to handle live animal transport worldwide.
  • You can expect only the best from us, given our expertise, our knowledge of animals, our pet-friendly infrastructure and of course our love for animals.
  • We believe in making your pet’s relocation as safe and stress free as possible.
  • All the pets relocated through us are given the VVIIP treatment and pampered to no end.
  • We can provide in-transit pet-friendly accommodation for pet parents and the pets.