Furry Flyers offers professional pet relocation services worldwide based in Mumbai, India. Our pet relocation services for pet import and pet export,
NOC for dogs and cats, etc, extend to Mumbai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad Chennai and Bangalore.
We are IPATA Members and IATA qualified for pet transport worldwide.
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Bringing your pet to India?

We take care of your pet’s relocation into any of the following metros in India: Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore.

The basic document you require for your dog or cat’s import into India is the NOC (No Objection Certificate), which is the import permit for your pet into the country. No matter whether you bring your pet as Cargo, Accompanied Baggage or In-cabin on the aircraft, you require the NOC.

Read on below to know more & plan a stress free relocation for your pet into India.

Welcome To India!

Pet Import Into India
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Pet Imports Into India

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Pet Imports India

There are two ways to Import / Relocate your pet into India:

ACCOMPANIED BAGGAGE: Where the pet owner is travelling on the same flight as the pet and the pet dog/cat has been booked as Excess/Checked/Accompanied Baggage.

MANIFEST CARGO: Where the pet is booked by the Airline cargo. In such case it is not necessary for the pet to travel on the same flight.

Note: Only 2 pets (cat/dog) are allowed to travel under one owner’s name irrespective of whether the pet is booked as Accompanied Baggage or as Manifest Cargo into India.

NOC / Import Permit

Whether your pet is travelling as Accompanied Baggage or In-cabin in the Aircraft or as Manifest Cargo you would have to obtain the NOC for your pet in India.

The basic requirement for a Pet Dog or Pet Cat travelling into India is the NOC (No Objection Certificate), which is the Import Permit for the pet’s entry into India. It would be foolhardy to relocate your pet into India without the NOC.

Furry Flyers can obtain the NOC for your pet in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai. Though the rules for obtaining the NOC almost remains same across the 5 states, the Government guidelines change frequently, requiring you to check with us on the latest rules, when you plan to travel.

The Animal Quarantine in India has become particularly strict with pet import rules in India. Hence it would always be best to have your pet’s paperwork in place before travel.

For NOC in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad and Chennai mail us on: info@furryflyers.com

Pet Import Service we offer for Pet/s booked as Excess / Accompanied Baggage:

  1. Consultancy & advice on documentation
  2. NOC / Import permit
  3. Furry flyers staff at the Airport on your arrival
  4. Completion of the Quarantine paperwork
  5. Pet-friendly taxi service at the Airport

To avail our pet import services email us on: info@furryflyers.com